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A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for .
(John A. Shedd, Salt from My Attic (1928)


DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT builds a new production hall that supports the objective of becoming more competitive on the market and that increases the production capabilities.


DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT builds a new office building to accommodate almost 150 employees and grows the personnel number to around 200.

Regarding market coverage and new business development, DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT starts a considerate focus on the MEGA YACHTS sector.


DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT continues the market expansion and opens aiding office in Brazil.


This year marks the complete re-branding of DUTCH MARINE TRADING DESIGN turning it into DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT, a company that focuses on designing, producing and delivering everything form the categories: WINCHES | DECK EQUIPMENT | OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS | MEGA YACHT EQUIPMENT | SPECIAL PROJECTS.

DMT MARINE EQUIPMENT builds an assembly hall of 1430 square meter assembly hall and increases the personnel number.


DUTCH MARINE TRADING DESIGN continues the expansion and opens a sales division in China as well as one in Turkey


DUTCH MARINE TRADING DESIGN continues its activity and enlarges the market overview and delivery area to Ukraine to reach the Russian market.


DUTCH MARINE TRADING DESIGN is born on 20 December. It starts as a company focused on design and trading of winches and deck equipment. Soon after an aiding office is opened in The Netherlands.